Maximize the Value of Your Personal Injury Case

personal injury

Each year, millions of people throughout Pennsylvania and the United States sustain personal injuries as a result of dog bites, slip and falls accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and medical negligence.  Thousands of individuals who fall victim of negligence-related accidents file claims in order to receive fair compensation for their injuries.  Unfortunately, not everyone who files a claim or institutes a personal injury action receives a settlement or judgment in his or her favor.  Unnecessary errors, poor preparation, and tricks used by experienced claims adjusters and insurance defense attorneys can reduce or destroy your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve.  Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take and tips to follow to maximize the value of our injury claim and increase the chances of winning your personal injury case.

personal injury

Preserve Evidence

The more evidence you can obtain and preserve, the more likely you are to receive a fair settlement once your claim is filed and/or litigated. Whenever possible, do not rely solely on an investigating police officer, witnesses, or even friends to obtain and/or preserve the evidence that you will need in the future.  Make sure photographs are taken from various angles that show the entire area where the injurious accident occurred.  Taking photographs, or even recording a video immediately after an accident occurs, will help to ensure that crucial evidence is not removed, cleaned up, or discarded.

Record Witness Information

Ask for the names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and social media information of every person who witnessed the accident.  Witnesses can help to verify and confirm your version of the events that lead to an accident and your injuries.  When you consult an experienced personal injury attorney, contact information of vital witnesses will greatly enable your attorney to conduct a proper investigation into the facts and circumstances of your accident.  If you do not have contact information for witnesses to your accident, then you risk losing an opportunity to obtain information to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Attend All Medical Appointments and BE DESCRIPTIVE

Many adults fail to keep all of their follow-up medical appointments after an accident.  Fear of missing work, accumulating expense medical bills that cannot be repaid, or a general dislike of doctor’s offices can all influence a person’s decision to forgo long-term treatment of injuries.  No matter how inconvenient, unpleasant or stressful it is to continue all suggested and/or follow through with scheduled medical care, you should always attend all medical appointments and thoroughly describe your pain or discomfort.  Do not “sugarcoat” or downplay your injuries because you are embarrassed, self-conscious or even just uncomfortable during a medical examination.  You should carefully and fully describe all of your injuries, pain levels, and concerns to all of your medical providers, not only because providing this information to doctors, nurses and physician assistants likely will help your medical providers to properly treat your injuries, but also because statements made to doctors, nurses, and physician assistants will greatly aid in corroborating and proving the seriousness and magnitude of your injuries.

Retain an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney – Contact Zwick Law

Negotiating directly with a claims adjuster – negotiations and conversations that may seem friendly, open and helpful – often lead to the devaluation or even denial of your injury claim.  Accident victims who choose to handle a personal injury case on their own fail to realize that, without working knowledge of current law, legal procedures and tactics used by experienced claims adjusters, it is difficult to obtain a full, fair and reasonable settlement without the assistance of an experienced injury lawyer.  To maximize the value of and return on your personal injury case, you should retain a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney who will fight to preserve your rights.

The aggressive attorneys at Zwick Law are standing by to provide you with the legal advice and representation that you need and deserve.  We offer personalized attention and we work tirelessly to maximize the value of our clients’ injury claims.  Our experienced personal injury attorneys are prepared to review your case and handle the time-consuming and stressful task of negotiating with the insurance company.

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