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Matthew R. Zwick


Headshot of Matthew R. Zwick, Esq. He is wearing a dark navy suit jacket, striped tie, white collared shirt and dark framed glasses.

Passionate about helping others and dedicated to solving his clients’ legal needs.

C.J. Zwick


Headshot of Matthew R. Zwick, Esp. He is pictured seated. He has a pleasant, neutral expression as he gazes towards the viewer.

An independent thinker with a passion for helping his clients resolve their legal needs.

Gregory D. Sobol


Headshot of Gregory D. Sobol, Esp. He is wearing a navy suit and blue & green square patterned tie over a white button-up shirt. He has a light, amiable expression.

Dedicated to understanding his clients and creating solutions for their legal needs.

Gregory D. Sobol


At Zwick Law our clients come first, and we are always here for them — with offices conveniently located in DuBois (Clearfield County), Brookville (Jefferson County), and Ridgway (Elk County), Pennsylvania.

We pride ourselves on listening first, and after understanding our clients’ needs, working hard to tailor a unique legal strategy for each client’s specific needs. Our most valuable asset is our clients’ trust in our abilities.

We understand that when you call on us, your legal needs are real, and you expect to speak with an attorney. The attorneys at Zwick Law are focused on client communication and committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations. We return client calls and e-mails promptly. This approach not only allows us to begin resolving client needs in a timely manner, but more importantly provides our clients with valuable peace of mind.

Zwick Law’s main office is located in DuBois, Pennsylvania – the hometown of C.J. Zwick and Matthew R. Zwick. Our Brookville office is located in the hometown of Gregory D. Sobol. The Zwick Law team is committed to the communities in which we live and work — and we give back to our communities to make them even better places for our youth to grow and achieve. We continue to hold leadership positions throughout our communities and encourage young people to return to Western Pennsylvania to revitalize our cities and towns. Our youth truly are our future.

We invite you to Contact Us today – for a free, initial consultation – to discuss your legal needs. Our prompt and professional style is appealing to clients in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world. We look forward to helping you with all of your legal needs.

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