JCDC Presented with 2017 PEDA Partner of the Year Award

The Jefferson County Development Council, Inc. (“JCDC“), led by the JCDC Board of Directors and Executive Director, Brad Lashinsky, was presented with the Partner of the Year award by the Pennsylvania Economic Development Association (“PEDA“), during its annual fall conference.  With a pool of over 230 possible recipients of the prestigious award, JCDC stood out as the best qualified, because of its significant accomplishments during 2017.  JCDC’s receipt of the award marks the first time in several years that the distinguished honor has been presented to a PEDA-partner outside of the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh regions.

PEDA’s Press Release regarding its 2017 Economic Development Awards summarizes JCDC’s accomplishments as follows:

The Jefferson County Development Council, Inc., over the past year, has gone above and beyond in carrying out its mission to serve existing and new businesses in the communities it serves. In addition to effective utilization of various funding sources to complete a number of unique community and economic development projects, the organization notably facilitated the formation of the Jefferson County Resource Partnership, a collection of professionals who comprise the economic development delivery system in the county and who focus on providing assistance to businesses in all stages of business development and growth.

To read the full PEDA Press Release, click here.  Or, to learn more about JCDC, and the development opportunities that it provides across Jefferson County, click here.

Zwick Law has the pleasure of working with the JCDC Board of Directors, Executive Director and Staff to pursue and achieve JCDC’s economic and community development objectives.  Zwick Law, a full-service law firm with offices in DuBois and Brookville, Pennsylvania, assists businesses and individuals in Western Pennsylvania. Click here to learn more about the professional, trusted services that Zwick Law offers to clients each and every day.

Zwick Law client, JCDC, helps create jobs in Jefferson County

Zwick Law is excited to share news that its client, Jefferson County Development Council, Inc. (“JCDC”), has closed on the sale of the former Days Inn property in Brookville, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.  The property will serve as the new home of Legacy Truck Centers’ (“Legacy”) newest heavy-duty truck dealership.

The former Days Inn property, which is located just off Exit 78 of Interstate 80 in Brookville, has been a blighted, hazardous property in Jefferson County for quite some time.  Zwick Law has worked closely with JCDC and its executive director, Brad Lashinsky, over the past several months to remove the blighted property and public health hazard from our community.  The sale of the former Days Inn property to Legacy has accomplished that goal.

Legacy’s purchase of the property is beneficial to Jefferson County, not only because it will eliminate a public health risk, but also because Legacy plans to create quality jobs right here in Jefferson County.  According to reports, Legacy intends to swiftly demolish the building and construct a state-of-the-art facility in its place. Legacy’s new heavy-duty truck facility will create a significant number of quality jobs in the area.

To hear more about this exciting news, check out WJAC’s story here.

Zwick Law is a full-service law firm with offices in DuBois and Brookville, Pennsylvania, that assists businesses and individuals in Western Pennsylvania.  Click here to learn more about the professional, trusted services that Zwick Law offers to clients each and every day.



PA Business Laws

Act 170 of 2016 (“Act” or “Act 170”), which became effective on February 21, 2017, brought sweeping changes to the treatment of certain Pennsylvania business entities, including limited liability companies; limited partnerships; limited liability partnerships; limited liability limited partnerships; and general partnerships.  The Act also modifies portions of the law relating to nonprofit organizations.

Act 170 becomes effective in two phases: first, for business entities formed before February 21, 2017, the law becomes effective on April 1, 2017, unless the existing entity elects to be governed by the Act before April 1; and, second, for those entities formed on or after February 21, 2017, the law is effective upon formation.

The statutory changes encompassed in Act 170 are long overdue.  These changes not only will provide business entities with more flexibility in structuring and reorganizing their companies, but also will lower costs related to such transaction while promoting business growth in Pennsylvania.

Some important changes imposed by Act 170 include:

  • allowing a business entity’s governing document to vary the duties of the entity’s managers, members and partners;
  • clarifying the status of transferees of members or partners and limiting the remedies of creditors against limited partners and members;
  • clarifying the rights of members to company information;
  • providing for the implementation of “tests” to measure the legality of interim and liquidating distributions;
  • defining “governance interests” and “transferable interests”, and setting forth the manners in which such interests can be transferred to third parties who are not members or partners of the entity;
  • permitting business entities to engage in fundamental transactions (i.e., mergers, conversions, interest exchanges, divisions, domestications, etc.) in a uniform structure with any other type of business entity; and
  • providing for the formation of nonprofit limited liability companies and partnerships.

For questions relating to Act 170, and to discuss how the Act affects your business, contact C.J. Zwick, partner of Zwick Law, at (814) 371-6400 or cjz@zwick-law.com, to schedule a legal consultation.  At Zwick Law, we’re always here for you!